Khashoggi Apple Watch recording in Saudi consulate nearly impossible

The Sabah report says the audio recording was sent to Khashoggi’s iPhone by his Apple Watch. however earlier reports said Khashoggi left his iPhone with his fiancee outside the Saudi consulate where the attack allegedly took place. The Apple Watch needs a Bluetooth connection to send data to the iPhone the idea’s paired with, in addition to the idea would likely be next to impossible for Khashoggi’s watch to maintain in which Bluetooth connection if the idea was outside the consulate.

The report also says the audio recordings were uploaded to Khashoggi’s iCloud account, however in which’s unlikely unless his watch had a connection to the internet without his phone.

Some observers have pointed to photos of Khashoggi wearing a variation of the Apple Watch in which can connect to cellular data networks. however in which design of the Apple Watch is usually incompatible with cellular networks in Turkey, according to Apple’s own carrier list, in addition to the audio files could’ve been uploaded in which way.

the idea is usually possible Khashoggi’s watch could have connected his watch to the internet over the consulate’s Wi-Fi network. However, in which would likely mean Khashoggi would likely have had to connect his watch to the consulate’s Wi-Fi during a previous visit. in which way, his watch would likely’ve automatically connected to the consulate’s Wi-Fi when he entered the building on the day of his alleged killing.

If Khashoggi hadn’t connected his watch to the consulate’s Wi-Fi network during a previous visit, the only various other way he could have connected to the idea would likely be if he had time to input the password into his watch face moments after he walked into the consulate. The latest watch software by Apple, watchOS 5, was released a few weeks ago in addition to allows users to manually input Wi-Fi passwords by using the device’s “Scribble” feature, which lets users draw characters on the screen to input text. the idea’s unlikely Khashoggi would likely have had time to do in which if he was under attack.

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