Khloe Kardashian Butts Heads With Kris Jenner After She Shows Up With Surprise Gift

Khloe Kardashian knows how to put her foot down!

In a brand-brand new clip for the next episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kris Jenner drops by her home that has a very special gift to celebrate the news which she’s expecting her first child – eight dozen donuts. Mind you, True Thompson, her in addition to Tristan Thompson’s daughter, had not arrived yet.

“which’s Krispy Kreme day,” Jenner passionately declares. “To celebrate the pregnancy of Khloe Kardashian!”

Except there’s just one problem, her daughter has no interest in chowing down on donuts while she features a baby on the way.

“I can’t eat eight dozen donuts,” Kardashian responds before Jenner tries to tempt her by having her smell the delicious donut goodness.

“I remember, back when my mom was pregnant, she in addition to Bruce [today Caitlyn Jenner] almost got a divorce because Bruce would likely not pull over to get her two dozen donuts,” Kardashian explained to viewers in a cutaway. “He was like ‘You don’t need them, Kris,’ in addition to they were screaming at each additional. He finally got her these stupid donuts in addition to when I tell you she ate every f**king donut, she ate every f**king donut. which’s just not who I am. which’s just disgusting.”

nevertheless her 62-year-old mother could not be dissuaded through encouraging her to enjoy her pregnancy.

“I want you to remember which I had six kids,” Jenner explained. “in addition to after my fourth child, I never looked better. I gained in addition to lost in addition to gained in addition to lost in addition to gained in addition to lost in addition to had the time of my life. in addition to I was healthy in addition to I was happy.”

However, her daughter would likely not budge, arguing he refuses to take any risks with her pregnancy, including loading up on sugary treats.

“If I want a donut or cookies I’ll eat them, I’m not depriving myself,” Kardashian fired back. “Everything I’m doing is actually instructed by my doctor in addition to I would likely love to avoid a C-section if possible nevertheless if my baby turns out to be actually big I’m gonna have to get a C-section… I’m not doing anything which’s unhealthy.”

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