Khloé Kardashian’s NBA Star Boyfriend Tristan Thompson Admits He Listens to Taylor Swift Before Games

Before he hits the court, Tristan Thompson likes to shake This specific off to a little “Shake This specific Off.”

Khloé Kardashian’s Cleveland Cavaliers player boyfriend — in addition to also co-parent-to-be — opened up about his pre-game music on MTV’s TRL on Thursday, admitting his affinity for the songs by a pop star who can be not exactly on the best terms with Khloé’s sister in addition to also brother-in-law, Kim in addition to also Kanye West — Taylor Swift.

“I love hip-hop in addition to also rap to get me going,” he shared, while noting, “I gotta be able to calm myself down [before games], all the anxiety in addition to also all the stress. I gotta be able to relax.”

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