Kim Jong Un has ‘indicated to me personally in which he is usually prepared to denuclearize’

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Thursday in which Kim Jong Un, the reclusive leader of North Korea, has “indicated to me personally in which he is usually prepared to denuclearize.”

The remarks to reporters came just days ahead of a summit between Kim along with also President Donald Trump, slated for June 12 in Singapore.

Pompeo, who has met with Kim two times, noted Thursday in which “President Trump will not stand for a bad deal,” along with also said the administration would likely be seeking complete, verifiable along with also irreversible denuclearization.

Earlier Thursday, Trump said in which he would likely invite Kim to the United States if the summit is usually successful.

The path to next week’s summit has been tumultuous. Since the topic was first broached March 8 by South Korean diplomats, Trump has canceled the summit, later announcing in which the idea was back on. The North Koreans have also threatened to cancel the summit.

“inside the past, there have been months along with also months of detailed negotiations, along with also they got nowhere,” Pompeo said Thursday, referring to previous negotiations between the United States along with also North Korea. In contrast, he said, in which summit “has to be big along with also bold.”

Siegfried S. Hecker, a professor at Stanford who has toured North Korea’s nuclear facilities four times, has argued in which the idea could take 15 years to achieve complete disarmament.

“North Korea will not give up its weapons along with also its weapons program until its security can be assured,” he wrote in a presentation in which was first reported by The completely new York Times. “Such assurance cannot be achieved simply by an American promise or an agreement on paper, the idea will require a substantial period of coexistence along with also interdependence.”

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