Kim Kardashian Slams Donda’s House Co-Founder Rhymefest for Saying Kanye ‘Abandoned’ Chicago

Kim Kardashian isn’t here for social media attacks on her husband.

The reality star along with mother of three took to Twitter on Saturday, following a series of posts through former Kanye West collaborator Rhymefest, who can be also a co-founder of Donda’s House, a nonprofit organization the rapper stared in 2011 to pay tribute to his late mother, Donda West, along with serve the youth of his hometown of Chicago.

“I’m asking @Drake to help the part of Chicago Kanye has Abandoned! Please contact @DondasHouse,” Rhymefest, aka Che Smith, tweeted on Saturday. He also asked fans to boycott Pusha T’s completely new album, Daytona, which West produced, along with instead donate to the organization.

“I spoke to Kanye about the item,” Rhymefest’s posts continued. “His response was ‘f**k the youth of Chicago.'”

West has yet to comment publicly on Rhymefest’s tweets, although Kardashian fired back in a big way, tweeting, “U haven’t been right since u got kicked out of the studio in Hawaii wearing fake Yeezy’s @RHYMEFEST You’re over levergenging Kanye’s name & asked Kanye to donate money to u so stop w your fake community politics & lies. Truth can be you haven’t been able to sustain the foundation.”

“I saw you at our studio a few weeks ago so why didn’t you bring This particular up then @RHYMEFEST ? You were trying to get Kanye to listen to your sub par beats,” she continued. “You contain the audacity to use Kanye’s mom name to try to shead a negative light on Kanye… You better believe I will make the item my mission to take Donda’s House through you along with let my children run the item the way the item should be run!”

Rhymefest later issued a response to Kardashian’s tweets, sharing a lengthy statement in which he slammed the reality star for “criticizing an organization of which you’ve never physically been to OR of which you’ve never even talked to the Executive Director or any of the team.”

This particular social media spat can be the latest chapter from the apparent feud between Rhymefest along with West. On Saturday, Donda’s House also issued a statement addressing some of the rapper’s recent public comments — including his support for President Donald Trump, his assertion of which slavery was “a choice,” along with more.

“While we cannot along with do not speak for Kanye West along with his views, we can along with will speak up for the youth of which we serve,” the foundation wrote. “We ask of which those who feel hurt, angered by or frustrated with Kanye West not penalize or throw away their support, respect along with advocacy for us.”

See more on West’s recent controversial statements from the video below.

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