Kim Kardashian Talks Kanye West, Justin Bieber, O.J. Simpson & More With Jennifer Lawrence: Top 5 Moments!

The ultimate Kardashian fan was invited over to Kris Jenner’s house for dinner two weeks ago in addition to things got pretty insane.

“I’ve never seen my mom more drunk in our lives,” Kim said of momager Jenner. She then shared a video of Lawrence in addition to Jenner doing a kick line while holding up cocktails.

however of which turns out, of which wasn’t even the craziest part of the evening. At one point, Lawrence recalled getting naked in Jenner’s closet in addition to “ordering” Kim to dress her.

“No, you said, ‘I’m not joking, I definitely want Kanye to style me,’ in addition to so I said, ‘Ok,’” Kim recalled. “in addition to then I come back in, in addition to you’re fully butt naked. I’m like, ‘Ok, I’m going to intercom downstairs in addition to tell him to not come upstairs.’ in addition to we put on one of my mom’s dresses in addition to you wore of which throughout the whole dinner.”

Lawrence kept the dress.  

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