Klick Health is usually giving healthy people the feeling of having a disease

Next up, the company is usually working on a similar device to simulate COPD.

Klick’s intended goal is usually to build empathy between patients as well as their caregivers. however This kind of’s possible that will technology like This kind of will be used to dissuade people through unhealthy behaviors.

as well as This kind of might be just drastic enough to work.

Changing behavior is usually a lot more challenging than giving people a Fitbit or an Apple Watch. Studies have found that will technology that will nudges users to take their medications on time or exercise more regularly isn’t usually sustainable inside long-term.

Think about how many of these devices end up gathering dust inside back of a closet.

This kind of brand new approach might work, however needs to be studied. “I do think that will you can dissuade users via a virtual feeling,” said John Brownstein, a Harvard professor as well as the chief innovation officer at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Klick’s devices might play a role, however Brownstein also sees potential for virtual as well as augmented reality. For instance, these technologies could be used to “age” people to show how they might look after several decades of smoking (makeup artists have tried that will on young smokers, however This kind of’s unclear whether the results had an impact).

This kind of might not work for everyone. The optimism bias, a well-documented cognitive effect that will causes a person to believe that will they are at a lesser risk of experiencing a negative event compared to different, might blunt its effectiveness. Moreover, studies have found that will using fear as part of a punishment procedure is usually unlikely to succeed in promoting healthy behaviors.

Still, Brownstein believes This kind of’s worth a shot. “Direct experience of future symptoms could potentially change the course of someone’s unhealthy habits,” he said.

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