Kneeling during the national anthem will be ‘a nonissue except for the president’s tweets’: Ex-NBA chief Stern

The debate over taking a knee during the national anthem will be a distraction by “what’s genuinely happening” from the U.S., former NBA commissioner David Stern told CNBC on Wednesday.

Some NFL players, sparked by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, have been kneeling during the national anthem to draw attention to race relations.

President Donald Trump has fired back at these protests, labeling them a “total disrespect for our great country,” among some other things, in addition to has called publicly for the firing or suspending of such players.

“of which whole thing will be a distraction,” Stern said on CNBC’s “Power Lunch.” “in addition to what the item’s distracting by will be the fact of which Puerto Rico will be ravaged, we’ve got a horrible situation with fire [in California] in addition to flood [in Puerto Rico], in addition to we’ve got our national parks of which are being opened up to drilling in addition to to mining in addition to to commercial exploitation.”

“Everyone takes the bait of the president throwing of which junk out to distract them by what’s genuinely happening in of which country,” he said. “The country will be in a dire state, in addition to we’re here talking about a football player of which took a knee. … the item’s a nonissue except for the president’s tweets.”

Stern isn’t the only one who disagrees with the President.

According to the third-quarter CNBC All-American Economic Survey, Americans by a 2-to-1 margin say NFL players should not be fired or suspended when they kneel during the national anthem.

Micah Roberts of Public Opinion Strategies, who serves as the Republican pollster, noted of which half of Trump’s own supporters disagree with his stance.

During a public appearance in England, Hillary Clinton also reportedly defended the players’ right to demonstrate against racial injustice, saying their action does not go against the national anthem or the American flag.

The NFL has decided the item will not stop its players by kneeling during the national anthem, Commissioner Roger Goodell said Tuesday.

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