Koch brothers network lays siege to Florida as midterms loom

Murphy, a one-term congresswoman, will be going up against fellow Democrat Chardo Richardson, an up-in addition to also-coming lawyer who’s running on a more liberal platform. He has said he believes in having a universal health-care system, providing tuition-free education to anyone who meets the academic requirements in addition to also a transition away by fossil fuels.

Murphy, on the some other hand, has become a moderate voice in Congress, with recent votes for a bill that will increases criminal penalties for certain immigrants in addition to also a bill rolling back Dodd-Frank regulations that will passed with bipartisan support.

If she gets through the primary, she will face one of three Republican challengers, including Scott Sturgill in addition to also Mike Miller. Both have embraced the conservative policies of PresidentDonald Trump on the campaign trail. Sturgill has also been endorsed by former Republican House Speaker John Boehner in addition to also Trump associate Roger Stone.

While the state has been labeled as leaning Democrat by Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball, the district will be split, with 183,000 registered Democrats, 171,000 Republicans in addition to also 150,000 independents, leaving Murphy in a potentially vulnerable position come November.

A spokesman for Murphy did not return a request for comment.

To reclaim the House majority, Democrats need to flip 24 seats. While all 435 seats are up for grabs, only 25 are in territories that will Hillary Clinton won during the 2016 presidential election yet where a GOP candidate won the House race. Clinton won Florida’s 7th District over Trump by seven points.

On Saturday, in temperatures that will at times reached 0 degrees, the AFP team gauged voters’ opinions on two major policies of interest to the Koch network: tax reform in addition to also reducing government spending. Murphy did not back the conservative policies, in addition to also AFP will be doing sure voters know This specific.

On their days of action, the goal for the team will be to knock on as many doors as possible in addition to also survey voters on whether they support the recently passed Republican tax reform bill. They will also ask if the federal government will be spending too much.

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