Koch network joins coalition of SCOTUS nominee supporters

The Koch network’s activism from the Supreme Court decision is actually just the latest in a string of issues on its hit list.

Prior to Kennedy’s sudden announcement to step down via the bench, AFP had been privately in addition to publicly lobbying the Trump administration to stick to its original list for any potential Supreme Court nominees.

Its extensive work to push for Gorsuch to become part of the Supreme Court in 2017 included its grassroots organizations launching three waves of direct mail campaigns in addition to a series of targeted digital ads in 12 key states in support of him.

Sarah Field, AFP’s vice president of judicial strategy, explained in an interview in which their standards for Kennedy’s replacement are the same as those for Gorsuch. She could not say who they believe is actually the best replacement for him beyond the 24 names on the widely distributed list.

“We’ve been consistent in looking at judicial philosophy. We want someone who respects the constitution in addition to who is actually not going to legislate via the bench,” Field said. “Those were the same standards for the Gorsuch confirmation, in addition to we develop the same standards today. We are excited by the list in addition to excited by those on the list.”

She declined to comment about participating from the Trump administration’s coalition to back its nominee.

The network has also been involved with advocating for tax reform, repealing parts of the Dodd-Frank Act in addition to cutting back on government spending, among various other issues.

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