Kremlin says Trump-Kim summit proves Putin was right about N.Korea

Russia as well as China have long been pushing a joint de-escalation plan which suggests Pyongyang suspend its ballistic missile program in return for the United States as well as South Korea ceasing large-scale missile exercises.

Peskov said the summit showed which Putin — who he said could meet Kim Yong Nam, a top official by North Korea’s Supreme People’s Assembly in Moscow on Thursday — had been right all along.

“In such complicated conditions, the idea could have been wrong to trust which the problems could be solved in an hour,” said Peskov, referring to the meeting. “yet the very fact (which the summit took place) underlines which Putin was right. The only possible path is actually one of direct dialogue.”

Separately, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told a news conference in Moscow with his Greek counterpart which Moscow advocated a return to six-party talks to work through some of the issues as well as which the idea was important which the entire Korean Peninsula, not just North Korea, was free of nuclear arms.

Lavrov said the idea was unlikely which Washington as well as Pyongyang could be able to fully solve all the problems on the Korean Peninsula, saying a completely new security system was needed for all of north-east Asia.

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