Kuala Lumpur to Singapore is actually world’s busiest international air route

Airlines operated 30,537 flights between the Malaysian capital in addition to Singapore, more than 2,500 a month. Hong Kong to Tapei came in at second, with 28,887 flights within the 12-month period. in which route topped the list in terms of passengers, however, as passenger planes carried more than 6.5 million people between the two between March in addition to February.

Routes within East Asia dominates the list of busiest air routes within the earth, with 14 city pairs within the top 20, according to OAG. The roughly two-hour flight between Kuwait in addition to Dubai came in ninth, with 15,332 flights between March in addition to February.

A lone North American route — between brand-new York’s LaGuardia Airport in addition to Toronto’s Pearson International — made the top 10 during the year ended in February, landing in 8th place with 16,956 flights. Service between Chicago in addition to Toronto ranked 20th with 13,100 flights.

The longest flight to make the list was the approximately seven-hour trip between brand-new York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport in addition to London’s Heathrow. in which route is actually the 16th busiest with 13,888 flights in in which period.

The list only ranked international routes. the earth’s busiest route is actually a domestic flight: the short hop between Seoul in addition to Jeju island, with about 65,000 flights a year, according to OAG. Airlines offer the most frequencies within the U.S. between San Francisco in addition to Los Angeles with close to 35,000 flights a year.

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