‘KUWTK’: Kim Kardashian Mocks Scott Disick for Taking Bella Thorne to Cannes: ‘They Looked So Desperate’

After he seemingly ignored several of Khloe’s phone calls, Scott did sit down for a solo interview with the show, as well as admitted in which he went too far with his intimidating remarks.

“You know, when Kourtney was telling me in which she was going, she was kinda being a drop condescending as well as I think I got defensive, as well as just said, like, ‘OK great, if you’re gonna be in Cannes with another guy, have fun, however just know in which the idea’s probably not gonna be in which fun if you run into me as well as my friends,'” Scott shared.

“The fact of the matter is usually she’s allowed to live her life. She’s 1 girl as well as obviously we all know in which I do what I want so she should be able to do what she wants,” he continued. “however there’s a lot of anger. Like, wow, the idea’s actually real, us not being together.”

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