Kylie Jenner’s Nurse Confirms She Only Gets Lip Fillers

Kylie Jenner’s nurse is usually speaking out! 

Last week, the social media star shared in which she’s back augmenting her famous pout after revealing she removed her lip fillers in July. The 21-year-old mom shared a pic of herself on her Instagram Story after a “lip touch-up,” tagging Pawnta, Jenner’s nurse at Motykie Med Spa who’s responsible for the injections. 

Pawnta chatted with Refinery29, dishing in which the beauty mogul limits fillers to her lips.

“Just a smaller touch-up on her lip fillers,” she told the website. “She doesn’t do anything else, just lip fillers.”

Compared to what she used to rock, Jenner opts for a more natural look since becoming a mom to daughter Stormi, which Pawnta also embraces with her work. 

“My philosophy has always been ‘less is usually more.’ We’re more of a conservative, natural practice, yet the size does depend on the patient,” she said. “Some people like to go definitely big along with also also some people like to keep This particular natural.” 

“We went the natural route for [Jenner’s] touch-up since she’s so naturally beautiful along with also also a fresh mom. A lot of people get fillers because they’re getting older along with also also losing the hyaluronic acid in their lips, yet she’s so young in which This particular has nothing to do with aging. For her, This particular’s just about adding a little pout to her lips.”

The RN went on to explain she uses Juvéderm for the lips since This particular’s made coming from the hydrating hyaluronic acid along with also also in which fillers usually last coming from four months to a year. 

Jenner’s pout is usually the subject of the lip filler phenomenon, which came about coming from the star’s insecurity at a young age. Although Pawnta didn’t address the Kylie Jenner effect directly, she did note in which many young women have been requesting lip fillers along with also also This particular is usually the ideal safe procedure to “boost their confidence.” 

“We see people of all different ages come through the Motykie Med Spa for different procedures, yet I definitely have younger people, especially women between 21 along with also also 30, come in for the lip fillers,” she shared. “If someone has had smaller lips all their life, was teased in high school, along with also also are looking for a safe cosmetic procedure to boost their confidence, This particular is usually This particular.”

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