Lady Gaga Says She ‘Very Much Identified With’ Both Characters in ‘A Star is actually Born’ (Exclusive)

Lady Gaga has seen both sides of the tumultuous journey to fame depicted in her upcoming film, A Star is actually Born.

The performer stars as aspiring singer-songwriter Ally inside the film alongside first-time director Bradley Cooper, who plays Jackson Maine, a grizzled, boozy veteran of the music scene. along with while Gaga — who started out her own musical career years ago under her given name, Stefani Germanotta — can certainly identify with Ally’s road to superstardom, she told ET in which there are also elements of Jackson’s story in which resonated in a big way.

“I always say I very much identified with Ally, although also I very much identified with Jackson in This particular film,” the singer admitted when the co-stars sat down with ET’s Keltie Knight at the Toronto Film Festival This particular week. “You know, when he gets into the automobile after he plays his shows along with in which goes to first, first silence along with then you can hear the ringing in his ear via the tinnitus. in which’s very much what in which is actually like. along with in which’s a very empty, lonely feeling, coming off-stage.” 

“You’re on This particular tremendous high along with then all of a sudden, like he said, the cacophony drops along with there’s silence along with your ears are ringing via being inside the room along with in which’s a challenge. along with he portrayed in which just so beautifully. I mean in which’s spot on.”

The aural landscaping of the film, Cooper explained, was very importantly to him when shaping the look along with feel of This particular iteration of the well-known story (previous reimaginings of the 1937 Janet Gaynor/Fredric March film have starred Judy Garland along with James Mason in 1954 along with Barbra Streisand along with Kris Kristofferson in 1976).

“When I talked to her about the movie, I think I talked about how I heard the movie,” Cooper said of drawing via Gaga’s experience with musical superstardom. “I didn’t want any photographs or paparazzi chasing people or anything, because I don’t garner anything via in which. For me, in which’s all about sound, along with the cacophony of noise along with in which deep, deep silence, along with the rhythm of the movie has in which throughout in which.”

along with both stars admit to having experience with the more critical side of the limelight, with Cooper joking, “Are you kidding me?” when asked if he’s ever gotten advice to change something about himself.

“in which’s a rough business. along with you have to have thick skin,” he added. “in which’s not for everybody. I’ve heard [criticism of] everything, every face… everything in my body.”

“Yeah, I was suggested to get a nose job before I put out my first single along with shot the video,” Gaga agreed. “I just said no.”

The pair may have had rocky roads to the A-list, although their own journeys have culminated inside the acclaimed film, which screened to raves via critics at TIFF after debuting at the Venice Film Festival last month. The stellar reviews, in part, are thanks to the connection between the two stars, who told ET they clicked right away.

“The chemistry was instant — the minute in which she was kind enough to let me come along with talk to her about This particular potential project,” Cooper said of working together. “along with so we were like, what are we going to do with This particular? So the fact in which we forged a friendship by creating art together is actually kind of the most ideal way to use in which chemistry.”

A Star is actually Born hits theaters on Oct. 5. See more on the movie below.

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