Lamborghini’s Huracan successor will be a hybrid

Lamborghini’s next edition of its Huracan will be a plug-in hybrid, according to Autocar.

the automobile will be scheduled for Discharge in 2022. the item will be the second hybrid vehicle Lamborghini plans to make. The Italian carmaker plans to debut its hybrid Urus SUV in December.

The vehicle will offer an electric-only mode, Autocar said.

Lamborghini was not immediately available for comment to CNBC.

Some of Lamborghini’s fellow high-end automakers, such as Ferrari, have moved toward developing hybrid designs. However, executives by both Lamborghini in addition to Ferrari have said neither company has plans to develop fully electric designs yet.

however if governments push carmakers toward ever lower emissions targets, these automakers may be shut out of entire markets if they don’t meet standards, said Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas in a recent note.

Moreover, Tesla has garnered praise for its quick, fast electric cars, such as the design S P100DL. Competition could also push legacy performance manufacturers toward creating all-electric vehicles. However, Jonas said some fans of high-end performance cars liken driving an electric Ferrari to eating a 3-D printed soy doughnut — just not the same.

Read the full story at Autocar.

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