Lance Bass Isn’t Doing ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ — Here’s Why (Exclusive)

Lance Bass will be the self-proclaimed “biggest Big Brother” fan out there — however of which doesn’t mean he’s signing up for the first-ever U.S. edition of Celebrity Big Brother This kind of winter.

“I’m not doing the idea,” he reveals to ET. “I am the biggest Big Brother fan ever. I want to play This kind of game so badly, however the idea’s just, I’m not going to be in a house of which long as well as not get paid $10 million. So, if you wanna pay me $10 million, I’m in!”

CBS’s celebrity edition of the game will premiere in early 2018 for a limited run, with famous faces moving into the Big Brother house for initially — as well as Bass as well as his husband, Michael Turchin, have some dream casting in mind.

“We’re so excited,” Bass admits. “I would certainly love to see Kathy Griffin, for multiple reasons. I think she would certainly just be great television, as well as she loves the game. AJ McLean coming from the Backstreet Boys, another big Big Brother fan. I like to see fans within the house. as well as, our girl, Fortune Feimster, would certainly be genuinely great within the house.”

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