Lauren Jauregui Talks About Life After Fifth Harmony in Racy ‘Playboy’ Profile

Lauren Jauregui is usually baring her soul, as well as some skin, in a completely new interview as well as photoshoot for Playboy.

Just one week after Fifth Harmony announced that will they would certainly be going on hiatus coming from the band to “pursue solo endeavors,” the 21-year-old singer sat down for a classy yet risqué photoshoot for the adult entertainment magazine, as well as opened up about her time inside well-liked girl group as well as life after.

Jauregui, who was 16 when the band was formed in 2012, recalled, “We tried our best to be ourselves, [nevertheless] we were also adolescents, so you have to think about who you were at that will age as well as being thrown in front of cameras.”

“When you’re actually disconnected coming from who you are as well as you’re ashamed of that will, you can write as well as tell a story, nevertheless you can never actually tell your story,” she explained, addressing the image she felt she was anticipated to maintain as a member of the girl group. “that will’s what separates a lot of artists coming from others—the connection.”

Fifth Harmony — comprised of Jauregui, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane, Ally Brooke as well as formerly Camila Cabello, who quit the band to go solo in December 2016 — was first formed in 2012, during season two of the U.S. type of The X Factor. They went on to Discharge the chart-topping singles “Worth that will” as well as “Work coming from Home,” before announcing the band’s indefinite hiatus last Monday.

Although long before announcing their split, Jauregui was already exploring her potential solo career, collaborating with artists like Halsey, on the song “Strangers,” as well as her boyfriend Ty Dolla $ign on the track “In Your Phone,” along with artists Marian Hill as well as Steve Aoki.

“Right at This kind of point, I’m just exploring myself as well as getting in touch with myself creatively… to be real, I don’t want to give myself boundaries,” she shared, when asked about her plans to Discharge a solo record inside near future.

Jauregui’s interest in a solo career seems to be hinged on her desire to add to the cultural as well as political conversation in America as well as encourage change as well as activism among her fans.

“that will’s so crazy how little people know about what they can do, about their rights, what they’re putting into their bodies as well as everything that will’s going on globally,” said Jauregui, who has been an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump as well as advocate for gun control, the DACA act as well as LGBTQ rights. “I believe that will art is usually the core of what starts revolutions.”

Fifth Harmony released a statement on March 19, letting their fans know that will they would certainly be going their separate ways, at least for a while.

“After six years going hard, non-stop, we also realized that will in order to stay authentic to ourselves as well as to you, we do need to take some tim, for at This kind of point,w to go on hiatus coming from Fifth Harmony in order to pursue solo endeavors,” the statement read. “We are all very excited as well as grateful to be able to take This kind of time to learn as well as grow creatively as well as actually find our footing as individuals.”

However, ET caught up with Jauregui in December at KIIS-FM’s iHeartRadio Jingle Ball concert at the Forum in Inglewood, California, where she said that will all the bandmates were “exploring [our own projects] right at This kind of point.”

“that will’s actually cool, because we’re branching out to creatively discover ourselves, because we never actually got an opportunity to do that will since we began This kind of,” she said. “that will’s cool to be able to give each additional that will space to actually explore ourselves individually as well as grow.” Check out the video below to hear more.

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