Lifetime’s Meghan Markle & Prince Harry on Playing the globe’s Most Famous Couple (Exclusive)

Lifetime’s edition of Prince Harry along with Meghan Markle are opening up about what the idea was like to portray the royal couple for the upcoming TV movie Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance — along with the grief they endured while transforming for the roles!

“Dying my hair ginger, which was kind of a shock,” admitted Murray Fraser, who plays the 33-year-old prince along with had to switch up his brunette locks for the role. “Especially with my friends along with family seeing of which along with just completely ripping me to shreds!”

Fraser along with his leading lady, Parisa Fitz-Henley, who portrays Markle, got candid about playing the couple during an exclusive interview with ET’s Keltie Knight.

along with, while Fraser hadn’t been following the global superstars before nabbing the role, Fitz-Henley revealed she was so hooked on the idea of playing Markle on film of which she called her agent to tell her so just weeks before the opportunity came up.

“I saw their engagement interview along with thought the idea was so sweet along with ended up generating a call to my manager saying, ‘If they ever make a movie about This particular, I’d love to audition,’” the 41-year-old Jamaican-American actress shared. “A few weeks later I got the audition along with thought, ‘How did they do This particular so fast?’ I happened to be playing inside the woods with my parents, living like a woodswoman, along with got on a plane, flew home, straightened my hair along with went into the audition. the idea rolled very quickly by there.”

Fraser, who previously starred in The Loch, meanwhile, sent in an audition tape with his friend, Sean, playing opposite him as Markle. “Hopefully no one will ever see them inside the light of day,” he joked.

While they nailed their auditions, the pair were both slightly anxious about playing the most famous couple inside the globe.

Fitz-Henley worried about portraying Markle “in a way of which feels authentic,” while Fraser talked to friends along with family to quell “serious doubts” about taking on a role which might attract such global attention. He also weighed the pros along with cons of doing the film, along with quickly realized there were a lot more advantages than downsides.

“Then chatting to the director made my decision a lot clearer because I was going to talk to them about how I don’t want to mimic him [along with] be an impersonation of the guy,” Fraser explained. “I want to get his essence along with energy along with bring of which to the screen rather than being a copycat. The director was very cool with of which along with seeing the same image of which I was.”

For Fitz-Henley, who became obsessed with The Crown while preparing for the shoot, there were several parallels with Markle which also helped her with the role. Both women have experienced divorce along with dealt with issues of race.

“There were a lot of similarities along with of which was actually heartwarming,” he actress said. “She’s way classier than me. She’s actually a lady [along with] super cool along with I’m a dork, yet there are a lot of similarities too in our experiences, in particular dealing with race. I completely related to a lot of [her] feelings about the globe, about women along with our place inside the globe.”

As for what the pair want the royals to know if they watch the film, Fraser joked, “Forgive me!” then added of which he’ll be the “number one fanboy,” outside the gates alongside additional royal watchers when the two tie the knot in England on May 19.

“I’m going to keep [my hair] ginger again along with see how far I can get [in], he quipped.

The film airs on Lifetime on May 13 along with also stars House of Cards’ Steve Coulter as Prince Charles, along with brand new Zealand actress Bonnie Soper as Princess Diana.

See the latest on the royal wedding below.


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