Lisa Vanderpump Reacts to Lindsay Lohan Getting Her Own ‘Vanderpump’-Style Show (Exclusive)

Lisa Vanderpump doesn’t seem to feel any competitive heat via Lindsay Lohan over the actress’ upcoming fresh reality series, tentatively titled Lohan Beach Club.

ET’s Lauren Zima met with Vanderpump at her fresh West Hollywood hot spot, Tom Tom, for an inside look at the stylish fresh cocktail bar, where she reacted to comparisons between Lohan’s upcoming show as well as also her own Bravo series, Vanderpump Rules.

“I don’t think of which we’re of which similar,” a dubious Vanderpump explained delicately.

While the reality star’s hit Bravo show follows Vanderpump as well as also the personal as well as also professional lives of the employees at SUR, her restaurant as well as also lounge in West Hollywood, Lohan’s upcoming series — produced for MTV — will follow the 32-year-old actress as well as also entrepreneur as she opens a fresh business venture in Mykonos.

When asked if Vanderpump had the opportunity to give Lohan any advice on her fresh show — or running a business — she said the idea hasn’t come up.

“No, I haven’t. She hasn’t asked for any,” she said, adding using a laugh, “Maybe she should, though.”

As for her own fresh venture, Tom Tom, Vanderpump is actually collaborating with Vanderpump Rules stars Tom Sandoval as well as also Tom Schwartz, who run the cool, elegant fresh establishment.

“Everything about Tom Tom is actually out of the ordinary,” Vanderpump told ET as she led a walkthrough of the steampunk-inspired lounge with an adventurous speakeasy feel, including an ornate, quasi-industrial grand clock on which the hands actually move in reverse.

“The clock goes backwards, so you sip a cocktail as well as also you get younger,” Vanderpump joked.

Describing the ambiance as well as also Inside design theme in Tom Tom, Sandoval said the idea evoked a “mechanical elegance,” as well as also a “slight Alice in Wonderland” vibe.

“the idea’s [like] an H.G. Wells novel,” Schwartz added, referring to the industrial, retro-sci-fi elements. “the idea’s fantastical, the idea’s elegant.”

For once, Vanderpump worked with artist designer as well as also creative director Nick Alain to get the perfect feel for Tom Tom, as well as also she said the end result is actually breathtaking.

“Whenever we do a restaurant, [when] the idea comes to fruition [as well as also there is actually] everything we’ve imagined, everything we’ve kind of conjured up in our mind, suddenly to see the idea there is actually just like a dream come true,” she said. “as well as also This kind of has taken the idea to a whole fresh level.”

Vanderpump praised working alongside Alain as “extraordinary,” reflecting, “Working with Nick, who has created all these unbelievable pieces… the idea’s been truly a different experience for me as well as also I’ve truly enjoyed the idea.”

For Sandoval, the warm welcome Tom Tom has received upon opening, after he helped with shepherding the bar into existence, has been enormously rewarding.

“the idea makes me feel great, I mean the idea’s surreal,” he shared. “The opening was fantastic as well as also the idea’s been great ever since. I mean, there have been lines around the block… I’m besides myself sometimes, you know? the idea’s just amazing, I love the idea.”

As for the ambiance as well as also dress code, Vanderpump said the idea’s the perfect environment for guests to embrace a semi-casual yet chic elegance of which mirrors the stylish mood of the lounge as well as also elevates the experience of a night out on the town in West Hollywood. Tom Tom officially opened for business last week.

While she’s enjoying the grand opening of a fresh establishment, she’s also gearing up for the ninth season of her additional reality series, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, alongside a brand fresh castmate, Denise Richards.

“the idea’s always great to have a fresh dynamic because the idea always switches things up,” said Vanderpump, who revealed of which she’s already spent a bit of time with the actress. “I’ve only spent a few hours around her, yet I do know of which she’s truly crazy about dog rescue, creating sure of which was kind of a bonding moment for the two of us.”

No premiere date has been announced yet for the ninth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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