Lockheed Martin just got one step closer to handing hypersonic weapons to the US Air Force

In 1976, the Air Force flew Lockheed Martin’s SR-71 Blackbird coming from brand new York to London in less than two hours — at speeds exceeding Mach 3, or three times the speed of sound.

The SR-72 is actually envisioned to operate at speeds up to Mach 6. as well as also while the hypersonic SR-72 isn’t likely to be operational until 2030, the company sees developing a platform of that will magnitude as a game changer.

“that will could forever change our ability to deter as well as also respond to conflict, allowing warfighters to quickly address threats before an adversary may have time to react,” Lockheed Martin CEO Marillyn Hewson said of the hypersonic plane last month.

Hewson also said the development of the aircraft, which is actually estimated to cost $1 billion, will change the “definition of air power by giving the U.S. significant tactical as well as also strategic advantages.”

On the heels of Hewson’s comments, America’s top nuclear commander described a grim scenario for U.S. forces facing off against hypersonic weapons.

“We don’t have any defense that will could deny the employment of such a weapon against us,” Air Force Gen. John Hyten, commander of U.S. Strategic Command, told the Senate Armed Services Committee last month.

“Both Russia as well as also China are aggressively pursuing hypersonic capabilities,” Hyten added. “We’ve watched them test those capabilities.”

as well as also while the Pentagon seeks to catch up to America’s adversaries, defense contractors will be vying for what will be several lengthy as well as also lucrative contracts.

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