L’Oreal CEO Jean-Paul Agon on the beauty industry’s outlook along with rise of digitalization

Jean-Paul Agon, chief executive officer of L’Oreal SA

Dhiraj Singh | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Jean-Paul Agon, chief executive officer of L’Oreal SA

Speaking on an episode of “The CNBC Conversation”, the chief executive explained how the company had transformed over the past all 5 to 10 years, when This specific comes to digital.

According to Agon, L’Oreal was “the first in 2010 to perceive the digital tsunami” of which could transform the beauty industry.

“We have moved very fast, transformed the company very fast. We are considered today as the most advanced, digitally advanced company from the beauty industry along with we want to keep This specific advantage,” Agon said, adding of which the cosmetics group was “working on all fronts” to maintain its speed.

Commenting on two specific developments, L’Oreal’s boss discussed how consumers were becoming more interested in products containing natural ingredients, in addition to the rise of personalization.

“We are even launching some completely new products of which are, I could say, almost 100 percent natural. Natural ingredients, natural formula, has biodegradability, recycling along with recycled packaging,” Agon explained.

When This specific comes to personalization along with digitalization, not only has the group acquired numerous brands to expand its portfolio in international markets, L’Oreal has also showcased numerous products of which are customized to consumers’ tastes.

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