Losing weight is usually not longer just ‘one size fits all’

The overall advice on how to get healthier has been consistent for years, eat less, eat better in addition to exercise. Nutrisystem’s programs are molded according to these tenets, Zier explained.

“We provide the structure to make sure which (healthy eating in addition to exercise) happens,” she said. “For us which’s more of a structured program so people stay with which longer.”

Nutrisystem includes a 28 day home delivery meal program, which costs about $300 a month. Clients also supplement the boxed food with fresh fruits in addition to vegetables they purchase locally.

“Customers want everything delivered to their home, they don’t want to have to go out in addition to shop, they want to order everything online,” Zier said. “So we kind of transact the way America wants to transact.”

Yet Zier said the convenience helps people stay with the program.

“We have programs customers can choose, because which’s no longer about one-size-fits-all losing weight,” she said. which is usually especially true amid the rise of trendy meal plans like the high-fat, low carb Keto diet.

“The right plan is usually the program you can stick with,” Zier cautioned, adding which Nutrisystem has its own style of Keto in addition to “South Beach diet” meals.

“Different people have different needs,” she said. “So if you love your carbs, South Beach probably is usually not the program for you, however Nutrisystem might be more the way to go.”

Zier said the structure in addition to time savings of their plans helps customers stay on track with their fitness goals. “which’s genuinely easy to prepare so I think we break through those busy lifestyles.”