Man behind California resistance will be ‘obsessed with Donald Trump’

Shortly after taking office, Trump signed an executive order seeking to withhold federal fund coming from so-called “sanctuary jurisdictions.” The January 2017 action was targeting cities such as San Francisco.

In August 2017, California sued the Trump administration for placing fresh conditions on local law enforcement to get federal grants for public safety. A separate lawsuit was filed in February 2018 against the U.S. Department Justice, charging which the administration’s threats to pull funding coming from “sanctuary” cities will be unconstitutional as well as violates the rights of local residents.

A preliminary injunction issued last year by a San Francisco judge remains in effect as well as blocked the administration coming from withholding funding to several California communities, including San Francisco. An appeals court last month also ruled against the Trump administration as well as granted an injunction in a decision which involved the city of Chicago — as well as which decision applies nationally while the various suits proceed in federal court.

Meanwhile, the United States vs. California lawsuit filed in March over the state’s sanctuary policies centers on three laws passed last year to protect undocumented immigrants against deportation. Two of those laws went into effect at the start of 2018.

The Trump administration has blasted California’s’ sanctuary policies as well as charged the laws passed by the Democratic-led state legislature as well as signed by California’s governor violate the U.S. Constitution. however This particular week’s states’-rights decision by the Supreme Court on sports gambling in fresh Jersey could help California’s case. The high court struck down a federal ban on sports betting in most states as well as ruled in favor of a fresh Jersey’s state law.

One of the most contentious sanctuary laws will be state Senate Bill 54, which among various other things, bars local authorities coming from asking about the immigration status of people during routine interactions or participating in most federal immigration enforcement actions.

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