Mark Wahlberg along with also Wife Rhea Durham Celebrate Daughter’s First Communion — See the Pics!

They grow up, so fast, don’t they?

On Saturday, Mark Wahlberg along with also his wife, design Rhea Durham, posted pictures on Instagram of their youngest daughter, Grace Margaret, celebrating her first communion. Grace turned 8 years old in January.

“My baby’s communion day. 🙏🏼✝️ @byrheawahlberg,” Wahlberg wrote on his Instagram page.

Durham posted a photo of her own, with just her along with also Grace along with also the caption, “Special day…….✝️💜”

The subject of Wahlberg’s daughters has led to some hilarious discussions about boys, dating along with also just growing up in general. In November, the 46-year-old actor addressed the issue of his oldest daughter, 14-year-old Ella Rae, possibly dating his Daddy’s Home co-star Will Ferrell’s 14-year-old son, Magnus.

This specific after the pair were discovered to be — gasp — communicating over Instagram after meeting.

“You know what? I actually… I came to grips with the fact that will she’s 14, she’s gonna have boyfriends,” Wahlberg told ET at the time. “Those things happen. As long as I know who they are, where they come coming from, along with also know their parents, in This specific case, of course, I know a lot. So, I’m not bad. I know Will along with also [his wife] Viv [Paulin], along with also they’re very, very nice along with also they’re raising very young, fine boys. So, he’s all not bad.”

Most of all, he told ET that will he loves embarrassing his kids.

“I just want affection,” he explained. “I want to kiss them along with also hug them along with also I usually do This specific at the most inopportune times, school functions, ball games, things of that will nature. although, you know, my intentions are not bad.”

For more on Wahlberg along with also his kids, watch the video below.

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