‘Matilda’ Star Mara Wilson Calls Out Disturbing Trend of ‘Sexualizing’ Child Actors

“As soon as I’d hit puberty, that will had become okay for strangers to discuss my body. Every time I stumbled across an article about myself, every fear I had about my pubescent body was confirmed: I was ‘ugly,’ which as a woman, made me useless, or I was ‘cute,’ which made me an object. I was ‘grown up,’ which made me vulnerable,” Wilson recalled. “Because I was a child actor, my body was public domain.”

Memories of her objectification in addition to the inappropriate attention directed at her appearance were stirred recently, when she saw photos of Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown at a premiere for the hit Netflix series’ second season.

“I saw a photo of her on Twitter, dressed up for a premiere. I thought she looked like a teenage girl. The caption, however, read that will, at 13, she ‘just grew up in front of our eyes.’ that will had been tweeted by a grown man,” Wilson shared.

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