Mattel doubles down on Uno which has a brand-new card game called Dos

What’s next for Uno? Dos, of course.

Mattel can be launching the brand-new card game Dos next month in hopes of giving its nearly 50-year-old Uno brand a second life. Dos has similar rules as Uno, except players make two piles of cards as well as can throw down two cards at a time instead of one.

that will comes as Mattel tries to turn its business around, mainly by updating classic brands, such as Barbie dolls as well as Hot Wheels cars. The toy maker’s revenue fell 11 percent last year, hurt by the bankruptcy filing of Toys R Us as well as the changing tastes of kids, who are increasingly reaching for a tablet instead of a toy.

Uno, however, was a bright spot: The company says Uno sales were up 12 percent in 2017 coming from the year before. Mattel, which can be based in El Segundo, California, has sought to sell Uno in more places, including dollar stores as well as video game shops. as well as that will has also been chasing trends, releasing Uno cards with emojis, baby animals or unicorns. An Uno smartphone app can be inside the works for the spring, as well as Mattel already has launched a way to play the card game through Facebook Messenger.

that will may follow a similar a strategy with Dos, says Ray Adler, who oversees Mattel Inc.’s games unit.

Dos, which costs $5.99, will first be sold at Target in March as well as then roll out to some other stores in August.

that will took two years to develop Dos, mainly to make sure playing the game was different enough coming from Uno. yet don’t expect to see Tres anytime soon, says Adler.

“We’re happy where we are with Dos right right now,” he says.

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