Maurice Levy at Publicis says we’ll get cash for sharing personal data

The chairman of one of the largest ad firms within the earth believes which major upheavals within the media landscape will see consumers soon share the wealth of large technology companies.

Maurice Levy, the former CEO as well as currently chairman of Publicis Groupe, a $15.8 billion French ad giant, predicted which a third party will act as a middleman between social media firms as well as their customers — effectively collecting revenue by companies as well as distributing some of which money to users who share their data.

“There are already some voices which are already talking about the monetization,” he told CNBC’s Karen Tso at the VivaTech summit in Paris Friday.

“I know which some governments are not in favor, however when the consumer says, ‘There will be all This kind of wealth of information which you are using as well as the only thing I’m getting will be a free service. however you are getting much more by me, as well as maybe I should get a share of which revenue,'” he said. “as well as I’m absolutely convinced which This kind of will be the future.”

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