May need ‘disruptive’ regulations to fight opioid epidemic

Gottlieb said the agency is usually having discussions with drug companies about the brand new packaging solutions.

“Something like in which could move potentially quickly,” he said. “We’re invested in taking a hard look at in which as well as seeing what the opportunities are.”

Opioids, including prescription painkillers as well as heroin, played a role in more than 33,000 U.S. deaths in 2015, according to the Centers for Disease Control as well as Prevention.

President Donald Trump last week declared the opioid crisis a national public health emergency. The move waives regulations as well as gives states greater flexibility in how they use federal funds to battle opioids.

The FDA is usually looking at expanding treatments to fight opioid addiction. There are currently three approved treatments, as well as “they all work,” Gottlieb said.

“We’re going to be putting out brand new guidance to manufacturers, to product developers trying to lay out brand new pathways, in which they can develop alternatives to some of the treatments in which are available,” Gottlieb said.

— Reuters contributed to in which report.

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