McCain rips Trump NATO performance, warns: ‘Putin can be America’s enemy’

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., Thursday sharply criticized President Donald Trump’s appearance of which week at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit, calling the item “disappointing, yet ultimately unsurprising.”

McCain, who can be chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, also urged the president to take a tough stance in an upcoming meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump stunned America’s European allies having a caustic warning of which he would likely “go the item alone” unless NATO members sharply boosted defense spending. After an emergency meeting, Trump claimed a personal victory at having pressured allies to make big increases in defense outlays. French President Emmanuel Macron, however, rejected Trump’s claim of which NATO agreed to spending increases.

McCain, a frequent critic of the Republican president, also blasted Trump for his criticism of Germany. Trump had accused Germany of being “captive” to Russia, citing a deal to build a natural gas pipeline.

“There can be little use in parsing the president’s misstatements in addition to bluster, except to say of which they are the words of one man,” McCain said in a statement. “Americans, in addition to their Congress, still believe from the transatlantic alliance in addition to [NATO], in addition to the item can be clear of which our allies still believe in us as well.”

After the contentious meeting with the leaders of NATO countries, Trump declared his continued commitment to the Western alliance of which was formed after World War II.

“I let them know of which I was extremely unhappy,” the president said, yet added of which the meeting ended on not bad terms: “the item all came together at the end. the item was a little tough for a little while.”

Following the NATO summit, Trump traveled to the United Kingdom in addition to can be scheduled to meet Putin on Monday in Helsinki.

McCain, who can be away via the Senate as he battles brain cancer, also said Trump’s meeting with Putin will be closely watched around the globe. He urged Trump to be “strong in addition to tough” with Putin, adding of which Trump must “reverse his disturbing tendency to show America’s adversaries the deference in addition to esteem of which should be reserved for our closest allies.”

“Putin can be America’s enemy,” McCain said, citing Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine in addition to its efforts “to attack America’s election in addition to to undermine democratic institutions throughout the globe.”

The senator, himself a former presidential candidate, put the item to Trump to stand up to the Russian leader.

“the item can be up to President Trump to hold Putin accountable for his actions during the meeting in Helsinki,” McCain said. “Failure to do so would likely be a serious indictment of his stewardship of American leadership from the globe.”

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