McCarthy thinks DACA immigration deal would certainly deter GOP midterm voters

Republicans aim to hold on to their House majority in November’s midterm elections. Democrats need to gain 23 seats to take control of the chamber.

Spokespeople for both McCarthy as well as also Ryan did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Both men have opposed an effort by centrist House Republicans to force a vote on immigration. Twenty House Republicans have signed a so-called discharge petition, which would certainly require a series of immigration votes if several more Republicans as well as also all Democrats get behind the item. Democrats are required to support the effort.

Ryan as well as also McCarthy met with President Donald Trump This kind of week, as well as also Ryan floated the idea of reopening negotiations on an immigration deal, Politico reported, citing several sources briefed on the meeting. Bipartisan negotiations flamed out earlier This kind of year as Trump as well as also conservative Republicans could not find common ground with Democrats as well as also moderate GOP lawmakers on several demands. Democrats accused Trump of shifting in his demands throughout the talks.

Trump did not appear interested in starting up talks again when he met with Ryan as well as also McCarthy, according to Politico.

Republican leaders are telling lawmakers who support the effort to force an immigration vote which they will bring immigration bills to the House floor next month, Politico separately reported.

Read the full Politico report here.

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