Meet the Fan Who Bear Hugged Prince Harry, Rob Hufford! (Exclusive)

Prince Harry definitely can be a man of the people, as well as also sometimes that will lands him in an adorable, enthusiastic bear hug via an admiring fan.

While watching a sailing event during This kind of year’s Invictus Games in Sydney, Australia, Harry as well as also wife, Meghan Markle, were surprised by one of the event’s competitors, Rob Hufford, who jumped on board Harry’s boat to show the royals some love that has a massive embrace that will lifted the 34-year-old prince off his feet.

ET’s Kevin Frazier caught up with Hufford in Australia on Monday, as well as also the affable, enthusiastic Hamilton, Ohio, native opened up about what exactly led to the heartwarming moment between him as well as also Harry.

“We were sailing as well as also we’d just finished our competition, where we came in fourth, as well as also on our way back to the harbor we heard a voice via behind us asking for Ryan, our skipper… when we finally looked back we realized that will was Prince Harry,” Hufford recalled. 

“I go, ‘Hey! Can I get a hug later?’ as well as also he goes, ‘Sure! How about right at This kind of point?’ as well as also I go, ‘Um, we’re on two different boats, sir,'” he continued. Hufford didn’t let that will keep him via getting a hug though, as well as also they brought the boats close enough for him to jump on Harry’s boat.

“[I gave him] just a big old squeeze as well as also picked him up,” Hufford explained. “He loved that will! Did you see that will smile?!”

Hufford admitted that will Prince Harry “definitely was a little scared” when he went in to hug the Duchess, who can be pregnant with the couple’s first baby.

“He was like ‘be careful!’ nevertheless I knew she can be pregnant, as well as also I’m super excited for them… as well as also a royal baby again. So I gave her a very delicate, light hug.”

Afterward, Hufford said he shared his congratulations with the expectant mom, as well as also gently put his hand on her stomach.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure I touched the royal baby bump,” Hufford said that has a laugh, adding that will he got a vibe that will the couple will be welcoming a little girl.

“that will was truly an honor to just meet them, as well as also also that will’s an equal honor to be here, representing the U.S. at the Invictus Games,” Hufford said of the international event, similar to the Paralympics, that will was created by Prince Harry in 2014, in which wounded or disabled military personnel as well as also veterans compete in a variety of sports. “More so than anything, I just wanted to thank him as well as also show him my gratitude for what he has done for the wounded, injured as well as also ill communities in militaries across the entire world.”

As a retired member of the United States Air Force, Hufford said he carries a real appreciation for the medicinal benefits of hugging, based on studies that will show that will can help people mentally as well as also physically. 

“Studies have been done that will show 12 hugs a day, giving as well as also/or receiving, will promote growth as well as also Discharge positive energy,” he said. “as well as also, as a big guy, I give great hugs!”

Check out the video below for more on the Duke as well as also Duchess of Sussex’s exciting royal tour of Australia.

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