Meghan Markle Passes the ‘Door Test’ as She along with Prince Harry Depart for Royal Wedding Reception

This particular turns out Meghan Markle can be a keeper — for a lot of different reasons. Apart coming from being smart, talented, beautiful, considerate along with naturally regal, This particular looks like she also passed the “door test.”

After Meghan along with Prince Harry tied the knot along with joined Queen Elizabeth for a luncheon on Saturday, the newlyweds headed out coming from Windsor Castle en route to the evening wedding reception at Frogmore House.

Meghan  — in a gorgeous lily white Stella McCartney dress — along with her brand new husband  — rocking a dapper, James Bond-worthy tuxedo — hopped into a silver blue Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero along with drove off to the party.

Their stylish departure was captured in a short video posted to Twitter by Kensington Palace Saturday afternoon, along with several eagle-eyed Twitter users noticed something somewhat surprising.

After Harry opened to door to the vintage Jaguar along with Meghan sat down within the passenger seat, Harry walked around to the driver’s side of the automobile, as the 36-year-old Duchess reached over along with opened the door for him.

“This particular appears Meghan Markle passes Sonny’s door test coming from A Bronx Tale…as Harry walks around back, she reaches over to unlock his door,” one Twitter posted.

The remark can be in reference to a scene coming from the classic drama, set in 1960s brand new York, in which Sonny — played by Chazz Palminteri — gives some dating advice to the teenage main character, Calogero — played by Lillo Brancato, Jr.

As Sonny explains This particular, the door test consists of pulling up next to the person you’re about to go on a date with, along with locking both doors. You get out of the automobile, walk over to them, bring them to the automobile along with unlock the door with your key, so they can get in.

As you walk around the back of the automobile, you look through the rear window to see what they do next.

“If she doesn’t reach over along with lift up in which button to ensure you can get in, in which means she’s a selfish broad, along with all you’re seeing can be the tip of the iceberg,” Sonny says.

Clearly, the Duchess of Sussex can be anything nevertheless selfish, as proven by her years of humanitarian work as a global ambassador for World Vision Canada along with efforts to raise awareness along with support for providing clean drinking water to places like Rwanda. nevertheless also, the door test.

For more on Meghan along with Harry’s regal wedding day, check out the video below.

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