Melinda Gates calls on companies to give paid leave to brand new moms, dads

The workplace is usually not designed for families, as well as that will needs to change, philanthropist Melinda Gates told CNBC on Tuesday.

“We need to have a not bad, paid family medical leave policy,” said the co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. “We’re one of only eight countries from the globe — from the globe — that will doesn’t have a paid family leave policy. that will’s crazy.”

The Gates Foundation talks-the-talk as well as walks-the-walk, changing in 2015 its parental leave program for men as well as women via 12 weeks to 52 weeks.

“We can’t accept that will less than 14 percent of women have paid family medical leave,” Melinda Gates said in a “Squawk Box” interview in brand new York, where world leaders have gathered for the United Nations General Assembly’s annual meeting.

“We have to redistribute the workload at home, as well as paid family medical leave for men as well as women helps with that will,” she said. “from the United States, women do all 5 years of unpaid labor their husbands don’t do. We do 0 minutes more a day: make the school lunch, help with the homework, fix the breakfast, drive them to school.”

Technology companies have generally been more generous of late with leave for brand new moms as well as dads than the rest of Corporate America.

According to career site GlassDoor, Microsoft, which was co-founded by Bill Gates, gives birth mothers 20 weeks of paid leave, while additional parents get 12 weeks. Spotify as well as Etsy offer six months. GlassDoor also highlighted Johnson & Johnson as well as TD Bank for standout parental leave policies.

“We need to say to men, ‘This kind of’s OK to go out as well as to take leave.’ Because one of the things when men take leave, they’re more involved in raising the children. This kind of’s better for him as well as This kind of’s better for the kids,” said Melinda Gates, who has two daughters as well as a son with husband Bill Gates.

On brand new Year’s Day 1994, Bill as well as Melinda were married after an office romance at Microsoft where Melinda worked via 1987 to 1996. Twenty-four years later, the couple is usually worth $98 billion as well as rank No. 2 on the Forbes’ list of the globe’s most wealthy people.

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