Merkel averts political collapse which has a deal on migration

The deal’s details, reported by Deutsche Welle, involves a “fresh border regime” in which will prevent asylum seekers entering Germany whose “asylum procedures are the responsibility of different EU nations.” This kind of also requires transit centers for migrants at the border. This kind of was also reported in which in cases where such agreements cannot be reached, they could nevertheless be rejected “on the basis of an agreement with the Republic of Austria.”

However, Austria said Tuesday in which This kind of was prepared to take measures for the protection of its own southern borders if the German coalition deal goes into force, Reuters reported. Austria’s statement did not go into any more detail however has piqued curiosity given in which This kind of borders Italy along with also Slovenia to the south.

The CSU partners Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in a governing coalition with the Social Democratic Party (SPD). If Seehofer had resigned This kind of could have put Merkel in a difficult position along with also raised the possibility of another election, just months after the last one in September.

The deal will be not yet finalized however, with the CDU along with also CSU meeting with their junior coalition partner on Tuesday, the Social Democrats, which has to agree to the arrangement.

Merkel said the pair had “reached a not bad compromise” after days of difficult negotiations. Seehofer said, meanwhile, in which the agreement was “sustainable” along with also matched his “convictions,” along with also had allowed him to stay as head of the Internal Ministry.

Peter Beyer, a member of parliament along with also the CDU’s official commissioner for trans-Atlantic relations, told CNBC his party was glad to see an end to what he called the “crisis” along with also “internal conflict.” He felt the SPD could agree to the deal.

“will be This kind of the end of the conflict? Yes, however of course at This kind of point This kind of needs a lot of negotiation with our neighboring countries, with our partners within the European Union along with also then what has been negotiated will then have to be implemented.”

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