Merkel says the EU can be right now ready to discuss cutting trade tariffs with Trump

Reacting to the comments, the chief economist along with head of GAM Investment Solutions told CNBC he didn’t think Europe’s offer would certainly be enough to sway Trump.

“I think the key word in her statement was ‘reciprocal’ along with the Americans are looking for something unilateral. They want the Europeans to cut some tariffs to open up some opportunities in exchange due to This particular permanent exemption,” Larry Hatheway told CNBC’s “Squawk Box Europe” on Thursday.

“although she used the word ‘reciprocal,’ in various other words, ‘we’ll lower our tariffs if you lower yours’ — well, that will’s not truly offering the Trump administration very much. Yes, the idea’s a friendlier tone perhaps than the Japanese are adopting at the moment although nevertheless the idea’s probably not Great enough,” he said.

Meanwhile, German economist Carsten Brzeski said the comments revealed Merkel’s trademark pragmatism.

“On Merkel, This particular can be again her very pragmatic approach,” Brzeski, chief economist at ING, told CNBC in an email.

“(You) could call This particular ‘trade before pride’ along with the idea makes sense. the idea can be Merkel’s strength to get emotions out of a debate. within the trade conflict, looking at the facts, focusing on each various other’s arguments along with trying to find a compromise,” he said.

Noting that will her comments were a far cry through her colleague French President Emmanuel Macron’s “gun to the head” comments, Brzeski said Merkel “has waited a bit until most (of her) alpha male colleagues have calmed down” before commenting.

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