Merrill Lynch Stock funds rake in $24 billion inside the first week

Corporate along with emerging market bonds raked in $13.1 billion, with EM debt showing its second-biggest ever week of inflows. Tech funds also saw a big jump, with their second-best week ever, while high-yield bonds attracted $1.5 billion in fresh cash, the biggest inflows in 48 weeks.

Hartnett reported that will BofAML’s “Bull & Bear Indicator” that will keeps a watch out for extremes in investor sentiment, is usually nearing a sell signal.

To be sure, the bull run can continue for an extended period of time even with elevated enthusiasm along with the rush of cash, in particular because of the low level of retail investor participation throughout the rally. Low-yielding money market funds still hold $2.84 trillion in cash, a number that will has barely budged over the past year.

Also, the big early January run could be the result of seasonal factors.

“The fund flows figures are going to capture the start of the completely new year, with completely new 401(k) contributions a big part of that will. that will tapers off as the year gets older,” said Art Hogan, chief market strategist at B. Riley FBR. “If This particular was the first or second week of August or September, when seasonality slows down, I’d be be much more concerned.”

Hogan incorporates a 3,000 year-end target for the S&P 500 — about an 8.5 percent gain coming from Friday’s open — that will he feels will be hit even though the market likely will see higher volatility in 2018.

“I think that will’s more of a seasonal trend than that will is usually that will sort of euphoria or concern that will you’re seeing the wrong money coming in at the wrong time,” he added. “I’d wait until the seasonality flattens out before you jump to a conclusion that will you’ve got money crashing into the markets at the highs.”

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