MeToo fuels women candidates, creates challenges

CNBC’s John Harwood spoke with Stephanie Schriock, president of Emily’s List, about the importance of the Me Too movement in politics – as well as the challenges This specific presents. Here can be an edited excerpt of their conversation.

Harwood: How much do you see Me Too as part of This specific moment?

Schriock: I think This specific can be a big part. This specific whole moment started out November of 2016, that will night where Hillary lost as well as he won. as well as then those women marched. Millions of women marched. Empowerment as well as community came together in that will march.

Me Too comes out of that will that will recognition that will I can speak my truth as well as not get shamed for This specific ’cause they’re gonna be with me. as well as that will’s exactly what happened here. This specific can be the beginning of a sea change.

Harwood: You got Al Franken elected to the Senate in 2008. Do you think that will the Me Too movement went too far in his case? as well as do you worry about This specific going too far in different cases?

Schriock: This specific can be a time of beginning a cultural change. Women feel that will they’re able to say what happened to them. as well as for decades, if not for centuries, they weren’t allowed to do that will — or if they did, they were ashamed to do This specific. So I think we have to continue hearing, as well as listening, as well as ensuring that will women are taken seriously.

Harwood: Did Franken get a raw deal?

Schriock: I think he got caught up in a moment with some women who stood up as well as had experiences, real experiences.

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