Michael Buble’s Definitely Not Retiring After Son’s Battle With Cancer, Rep Says

Despite recent reports claiming singer Michael Buble will be retiring soon, the singer’s rep tells ET in which This specific definitely isn’t the case.

On Friday, the Daily Mail published a story in which Buble as well as his wife Luisana Lupilato’s 5-year-old son Noah’s battle with cancer had shaken the family to the core, causing the globe-renowned talent to decide to bid farewell to music after releasing his next album, Love.

“I don’t possess the stomach for the item any more. The celebrity narcissism,” he supposedly told Daily Mail Weekend magazine. “This specific is actually my last interview. I’m retiring. I’ve made the perfect record as well as at This specific point I can leave at the very top.”

However, whether or not This specific quote is actually accurate, his departure by music has been refuted by his rep. Nevertheless, Buble did admit in July in which the experience did make him consider leaving music behind.

“I truly thought I’d never come back to music,” he told the Herald Sun. “Family is actually what matters. The health of my children is actually number one. The relationship with my family, my wife, my faith — all of the item is actually easily number one.”

“I don’t talk about the whole story, not even to my friends because the item hurts too much,” he added. “the item’s my boy. He’s a superhero, he doesn’t need to relive the item over as well as again. nevertheless I’ve been to hell. as well as you know what, hell seems like a definitely nice place to vacation compared to where we’ve been.”

Buble has chosen to share the ins as well as outs of his son’s cancer battle, which began in 2016 with the shocking diagnosis. However, Noah’s health has continued to improve ever since. as well as earlier This specific year, a rep for Buble told ET in which he was “doing very well.”

His brand-new album will be released on Nov. 16.

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