Michael Lewis calls Trump’s approach to staffing government ‘insane’

President Donald Trump’s lack of focus on staffing the federal government poses unforeseen risks to the United States, said Michael Lewis, a best-selling author as well as also journalist.

The Trump administration “started out coming from a position of total ignorance,” Lewis said Monday in an interview with CNBC’s “Power Lunch.” He added he would likely describe the Trump administration’s job so far at filling key roles inside federal government as “managerial negligence” as well as also “insane.”

Lewis’ brand-new book on the federal government, “The Fifth Risk,” will hit bookstore shelves Tuesday. This kind of examines the transition coming from the Obama administration to the Trump administration, as well as also its possible impact on key functions of the federal government.

Lewis, the bestselling author of “Moneyball” as well as also “The Big Short,” argued on Monday in which the federal workforce has been “abused” as well as also “denigrated” for decades. however This kind of can be under even more peril under Trump, he said.

Trump has long been criticized for leaving vacant spots inside federal government.

5 hundred days into Trump’s presidency, the White House had yet to put forward the names of candidates for 204 of the 665 key positions in which require Senate confirmation, according to the Partnership for Public Service.

According to Lewis, half of the top 700 Trump administration jobs have not been filled. Trump has accused Democrats of stonewalling him.

The White House did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment.

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