Michelle Yeoh’s Emotional Reaction to Constance Wu along with ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Golden Globe Noms (Exclusive)

Michelle Yeoh couldn’t hold in her elation while celebrating Crazy Rich Asians‘ monumental Golden Globe nominations on Thursday morning.

Calling by her hotel room in Toronto, Canada, where she’s busy filming the second season of CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Discovery, Yeoh was emotional over the film’s two nominations, for Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical along with Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical for Constance Wu

“Oh my god, what a great way to start the day, aye? I think in which is actually the 1st time an all-Asian cast movie has been nominated for Best Picture at the Golden Globes,” Yeoh told ET excitedly over the phone minutes before heading to set. “So, thank you along with we’re so proud to be part of history. along with congratulations to Constance for getting a nomination, as well! I don’t know what, yet we’re whipping out the champagne along with celebrating.”

The 56-year-old TV along with film legend expressed happiness in which the movie, which earned over $173 million at the U.S. box office using a sequel currently inside the works, was receiving acclaim by the Golden Globes — her only regret in which the idea took so long. “You do feel the idea’s important to be recognized along with to be told, you know, ‘We love what you do.’ along with sometimes in which is actually the best way to show the idea,” she said.

During a 15-minute chat with ET, Yeoh opened up about the significance behind Crazy Rich Asians‘ Golden Globe love, Wu’s history-creating nomination, Oscar chances, updates on the anticipated sequel along with what’s next.

ET: Did you see a Golden Globe nomination inside the cards? Did you imagine in which was a possibility, or were you hoping the idea was?

Michelle Yeoh: I was hoping along with wishing along with praying, yes! Because the idea makes such an impact. the idea validates our work. the idea validates who we are as actors along with directors along with people who are involved inside the movie. along with then to be nominated, in which is actually a nod for the entire cast along with crew, everyone who participated inside the movie. the idea’s a labor of love, along with we always wish the very best for the idea by the box office along with, if possible — if possible — nominations. along with the idea’s taken us so long to get here, so yes, I’m dancing for joy. the idea’s so great! the idea’s so important. the idea’s so, so important to be celebrated like in which.

I think what the idea is actually, is actually a great movie with heart. the idea came across, at first, as an all-Asian cast, yet I think by at in which point the idea’s so obvious, the idea’s colorblind. the idea goes through all the different generations [along with] the idea’s just embraced along with loved by people, along with in which is actually what we are celebrating as well. yet, to be nominated, I feel like we’re winners already. So, thank you! Thank you!

I’ve seen the movie four times, so I am with you. the idea seems like everybody else is actually recognizing the idea along with giving the idea its due.

Yes! the idea’s very important. Maybe I’m a people pleaser, yet you do feel the idea’s important to be recognized along with to be told, you know, “We love what you do.” along with sometimes in which is actually the best way to show the idea. I’m happy!

How did you react when you first found out in which the film was nominated, in which Constance was nominated? Did you get emotional? the idea sounds like you are emotional over in which.

(Laughs.) I am, because you’re part of history inside the creating. the idea is actually very significant. I wish the idea didn’t take so long. I wish the idea happened along with I wish in which in which is actually just — not just the beginning. the idea’s a brand-new renaissance, you know? Opening up the field for more Asian along with Asian American talent to be part of the normality. Let in which be the last time we are celebrating the idea like an event. Let’s open the doors along with embrace us along with make us part of the normality. along with we deserve to be! So, yes, I got very emotional. I’m a little sentimental, yet I think the idea’s OK! (Laughs.

We have to talk about Constance. I’m so happy in which she was singled out as well. Her nomination is actually significant, she’s the first Asian woman in in which category in more than 40 years, which is actually crazy.

She’s so brilliant at what she does. I mean, look, if the idea wasn’t for her, for Awkwafina, for everyone who participated. the idea truly is actually an amazing ensemble cast, yet she outshone everyone. She was simply beautiful in in which role. I always say, you’re as Great as your sparring partner. Eleanor might not have been so powerful if the idea wasn’t for Rachel, along with I think Constance played her to the T. The sexy, the funny, the smart, along with she represented the all-American girl genuinely, genuinely well. She deserves the nomination! We are all so proud. We need more along with more of in which. Single everyone out!

Have you had a chance to talk to Constance in which morning?

No, not yet. We haven’t been able to find her yet, yet we have a group chat in which we’re all participating [in], so you can see all the pouring out of congratulations, the love along with all in which, along with everyone posting all their things already. So, we all know what’s happening along with I’m sure she’ll hear by us one by one. She must be overwhelmed as well right at in which point along with she deserves to be! Enjoy the moment, girl.

Does in which get you more excited about the possibility of Crazy Rich Asians continuing on to the Oscars, perhaps for Best Picture? 

Every part of the idea came together, by the set design to the costumes. Everything was [as] important as the various other one, not just the cast, the script, the direction. Everything. in which is actually a genuinely important nod. Just because the idea’s a romantic comedy, the idea can still be taken seriously as a Best Picture. Let’s pray along with wish in which we continue in which amazing validation. the idea’s very important, not just for our movie yet for everyone along with for the Asian American society in our business. the idea’s very, very important to be part of in which significant movement. We have been so quiet for so, so, so many years, I think in which we have been given such a great opportunity to stand up along with be genuinely, genuinely proud of what we have done, we are doing along with we will continue to do. yet just, please! Embrace us! along with I think the idea shows, in which’s what’s happening with all in which.

What’s the status on the sequel? Last we heard, the idea was in development.

Last we heard, they are writing the idea. They are definitely writing the idea. Kevin [Kwan], the adorable, wonderful, amazing Kevin, wrote a trilogy, along with Warner Bros., thank you, for believing in us. For believing in which in which might work along with giving us the opportunity to prove in which the idea works. They have been so great with the publicity, creating sure people come out along with watch the idea. They’ve done an amazing job. along with yes, with the success on their hands, the idea might be crazy — not just crazy rich, yet crazy! — not to do the sequel, right? So, we’re going to camp outside their doors to make sure in which the idea’s well along with truly going to happen.

After I watched the movie, I always said, “I want the sequel. I know they haven’t filmed the idea, yet I want to watch the idea right at in which point.”

the idea’s amazing how many times people have come up to me along with say, “Oh, I’ve watched in which movie seven times,” or a few times or you know. the idea’s one of those movies you keep wanting to watch because you discover something brand-new along with the idea makes you feel so Great along with believe in love along with joy along with happiness ever after along with empowering women. the idea hits all the right notes.

Do you know how close the sequel will stay to the second book, China Rich Girlfriend?

No, we don’t know. They develop the two books in which they are looking at [China Rich Girlfriend along with Rich People Problems], along with I think the Great thing is actually the characters are so well-loved along with also there are so many characters along with so many various other, different stories to tell along with also at different locations. in which’s something in which we’re genuinely looking forward to because the idea’s not just in Malaysia along with Singapore. You saw inside the first one, the idea could be in Thailand, Hong Kong, China, so there are all the different Asian cities in Asia.

What are you working on right at in which point? Are you filming Last Christmas?

Oh, yes! Right at in which point, I’m filming in Toronto. I’m on the set of Star Trek: Discovery season two. Live long along with prosper! the idea’s fun, we’re filming here along with then, yes, I will go on to Last Christmas, directed by Paul Feig, along with I will be with my gorgeous son, Henry Golding, all over again! (Laughs.) We all met here in Toronto when they were filming A Simple Favor, along with I adore Paul Feig, so when he came to me along with he said, “Emma Thompson wrote a most brilliant script, I’d love for you to be inside the idea.” along with Emma Thompson is actually like one of my all-time favorite actresses along with writers along with producers, so how do you say no to something like in which?

The 76th annual Golden Globe Awards, hosted by Sandra Oh along with Andy Samberg, will air live coast-to-coast on Sunday, Jan. 6, at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET on NBC.


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