Miley Cyrus Being ‘Very Secretive’ About Her Wedding With Liam Hemsworth (Exclusive)

Miley Cyrus in addition to fiancé Liam Hemsworth are truly in love.

A source tells ET of which the “Wrecking Ball” singer in addition to the Hunger Games star are more committed to each various other than ever in addition to are at a place in their lives where a beautiful wedding could be inside cards.

“They have been in love for almost nine years although the timing has never been right until currently,” the source says. “Their massive careers, their ages in addition to their families’ input has kept them coming from getting married.”

Apparently, the stars’ families have also been a factor in when or even if the two decide to exchange vows.

“While Miley’s parents have always adored Liam, Liam’s parents were not sold on Miley in addition to her outrageous behavior,” the source says. “Miley has been very open about her drug in addition to alcohol use, in addition to of which didn’t bode well with his family’s far more conservative lifestyle.”

However, the 25-year-old pop superstar seems to have moved away coming from her wild in addition to raunchy Bangerz days with her most recent album, Younger currently, in addition to she’s even admitted of which she quit smoking weed.

As a result, she’s won over the members of her boyfriend’s family who were hesitant at first, in addition to currently everyone is usually throwing their support behind the couple.

“Miley had to get through a phase of discovering herself before she was able to commit. in addition to currently of which she has turned her life around in addition to stopped partying, she is usually clear minded in addition to knows what she wants,” the source says. “Liam’s mother [Leonie] is usually finally over the moon to have her as a daughter-in-law.”

According to the source, the item was Chris Hemsworth’s wife, Elsa Pataky, who played a hand in winning the Hemsworth matriarch over in favor of the singer.

“Elsa in addition to Miley have always been very close in addition to Elsa truly went to bat for Miley,” the source says. “She has tried to impress on her in-laws all the big alterations Miley has made to turn her life around in addition to build a future with Liam.”

Even Cyrus family has become more supportive of the relationship than before, according to the source, who says her parents, Tish in addition to Billy Ray Cyrus, “couldn’t be more proud of her.”

While the cute couple have been sparking marriage rumors for months due to the pair rocking some shiny hardware on their ring fingers, the source explains of which those are actually a sign of their commitment to each various other.

“She had been sporting her ring in addition to wanted him to show his love in addition to commitment inside same way,” the source says. “Their friends refer to their rings as ‘promise rings’ in addition to Liam in addition to Miley are both not bad with of which.”

The two may be rocking rings already, in addition to have their parent’s support, although of which doesn’t mean fans should expect to see the couple tying the knot sometime soon. The source explains of which Cyrus is usually operating on her own time table.

“Miley has come up with all sorts of different wedding plans. She is usually always creative in addition to thinking of brand new ideas of which will make her experience different,” the source said, adding of which the singer recently decided of which she’s going to go for something simple, in addition to of which she might have to have a “ranch wedding” because she wants to honor her country roots.

She’s also keeping a tight lid on when in addition to where the wedding is usually going to be, to keep the item an intimate affair.

“She hasn’t announced anything because she is usually being very secretive so only their friends will know in addition to at the very last minute,” the source says. “of which time they are doing everything their own way.”

One of the couple’s biggest concerns is usually feeling pressured to get married, which is usually why they are taking their time with wedding planning.

“initially they announced their engagement in 2012, they felt such pressure to make the item the most spectacular wedding inside earth although of which was the downfall of their relationship in addition to lead to their break up,” the source says.

Cyrus in addition to Hemsworth split in addition to officially called off their engagement in 2013 before reconciling in addition to reconnecting in January 2016. The pair later confirmed of which their engagement was back on.

“of which has been such a long drawn out process of which they joke about the idea of which when they finally get married people won’t believe the item’s real!” the source says.

On Saturday, the stars celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with some colorful costumes in addition to wild decorations which they shared to Instagram. The festive celebration comes just two weeks after the pair looked flawlessly elegant on the red carpet at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party. Check out the video below for more on the cute couple.

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