Military veterans fight for medical marijuana to kick opioid addiction

The fight for medical in addition to recreational marijuana has long stood counter to traditional conservative values. although as more veterans advocate for medical cannabis, the dynamic will be shifting. Krawitz believes his dad, a “real conservative World War II vet,” might support medical marijuana. As the opioid crisis worsens for veterans, coupled which has a veteran suicide rate which will be much higher than which of the general population, traditional politics are fading.

Miller says state Rep. Eric Nelson of Pennsylvania, an “old-school conservative” who has the 10 Commandments on his wall, will be currently eager to bring in medical marijuana throughout his state. The business of the idea appeals to his libertarian side, although the idea’s the potential to curb the opioid crisis which definitely changed the Republican’s mind. The American Legion, the nation’s largest wartime veterans service organization, has voted twice in favor of medical marijuana access for veterans.

Dr. Edward Bilsky, the provost in addition to chief academic officer at Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences, spent years educating medical professionals about opioids. which has a background as an opioid pharmacologist neuroscientist, Bilsky has spent his career studying opioid receptors within the brain. He doesn’t know if medical marijuana can treat chronic pain or curb opioid use, although he says the topic will be in dire need of more research.

“This specific will be the million-dollar question,” Bilsky said. “There will be, within the scientific literature, very few well-controlled in addition to well-powered studies which have addressed This specific.”

Through his advocacy work, he has met patients with chronic pain who use cannabis, in addition to they report helpful effects such as better sleep in addition to numbing the pain. There will be not enough evidence, however, to call the idea a true analgesic. “We’re just thinking which marijuana will be all bad, although we need to do the studies. Until we have those studies in hand, we can’t conclude strongly one way or the different,” Bilsky said.

He understands cannabis has detrimental side effects on developing brains, such as short-term memory loss in addition to learning impairment. although until there will be more research on its medical potential, physicians won’t know if the idea has positive uses for specific medical conditions.

For advocates, every day which goes by without further research in addition to federal immunity for veteran cannabis use hurts.

Despite Sessions’ threats, states are continuing to support legal cannabis, in addition to there has been bipartisan disapproval of Sessions’ stance. The day when veterans don’t have to worry about having a medical card or talking to their provider about marijuana might soon be over.

“We all know the idea’s going to happen; the idea’s just when,” Miller said. “If This specific happens in a year, there will be people which will probably be alive in a couple years as opposed to dead.”

— By Rick Morgan, special to

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