Mohammed Bin Salman as well as also Trump connection

Bin Salman leads the Kingdom’s “Vision 2030” as well as also the related “National Transformation Plan” — a program aimed at diversifying the Saudi economy beyond oil production. He will be believed to have played a key role in Riyadh’s decision to isolate Qatar.

“which will be the latest act of concentration of power in Saudi,” said Hasnain Malik, global head of equity research at investment bank Exotix Capital, adding which “as unprecedented as well as also controversial as which may be, which centralisation might also be a necessary condition for pushing the austerity as well as also transformation agenda” Bin Salman will be overseeing.

In June, Saudi Arabia removed then-crown prince Muhammad Bin Nayef coming from his role as well as also replaced him with Bin Salman.

which move immediately made the target on Bin Salman’s back even bigger, as well as also could have precipitated an intra-family power struggle.

Prior roles for Bin Salman include both defense minister as well as also deputy crown prince, as well as also he was earlier which year credited having a “huge success” after President Donald Trump made a decision to visit Saudi Arabia.

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