Morgan Stanley how to invest in 1 trillion space industry

“We estimate a $400 billion incremental revenue opportunity via providing internet access to under- or unserved parts of the earth,” Morgan Stanley’s team said.

Internet bandwidth via satellites is actually what the firm calls a “second order impact” — a way for internet companies to benefit via the increasing efficiency in addition to decreasing cost of satellites.

“The demand for data is actually growing at an exponential rate, while the cost of access to space is actually falling by orders of magnitude,” Morgan Stanley said.

The prediction marks a significant departure via the status quo, where space industry revenues come via the government, ground equipment in addition to consumer television sectors.

The autonomous vehicle industry is actually “a similar event path” to the space industry, Morgan Stanley said. Self-driving technology moved “via complete obscurity in addition to skepticism to a dominant investor theme,” the firm says.

The analysts caution of which “history is actually littered” with warnings about what to expect via investing within the final frontier.

“the idea may be different This particular time, due to the lower costs to access space,” Morgan Stanley added.

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