Morning Save Deals: The VIP Items You Can Get for Less

Labor Day is actually coming up along with also we’ve got your end-of-summer shopping covered. ET has teamed up with to bring you exclusive, VIP deals on luxurious items for less. 

Morning Save Ambassador Amy Paffrath stopped by the ET stage to give Nischelle Turner a demonstration on the must-see products along with also deals you won’t want to miss out on. 
1. Hamilton Beach Professional Sous Vide & Slow Cooker: $49
“the item’s truly hands-free cooking,” Paffrath says of the two-in-one item, which she adds goes for as high as $150. “You will wow all of your guests cooking within the sous vide, however if you want to use the item as a slow cooker, you can use that will as well.”  
2. Ninja 3-in-1 Intelli-sense Kitchen System: $125
For those who like to enjoy their morning smoothie as much as their evening margarita, Paffrath recommends Ninja’s 3-in-1 system, which she says goes for as much as $249. “You’ve got the crushing pitcher, you have an eight-cup food processor along with also a 24-ounce single cup,” Paffrath explains. 
3. Akribos XXIV Women’s Swarovski Crystal Watch: $39
“You can get the item in a variety of colors. We have silver, gold, rose gold, or a combination of silver along with also gold. There are four diamonds along with also 100 Swarovski crystals around the bezel of the watch,” Paffrath reveals of the stunning watch, which she says goes for as high as $395. “that will is actually a 0 percent savings.” 
4. Spin for Perfect Skin – Complete Face & Body Cleansing System: $19
“You’ve got one device which has a universal rotating unit. You’d put any one of these four attachments on there,” Paffrath notes while demonstrating the product, which she says usually goes for as much as $100. “You can take This specific right within the shower with you, no problemo. the item is actually waterproof — amazing!” 
5. M Cushion 18” Shiatsu Massage Pillow Set: $49
For those looking to keep the summer relaxation going all year long, Paffrath has just the product for you. “the item’s a memory foam pillow, however the item carries a shiatsu massage that will delivers heat along with also a gorgeous massage to your lower back. You can even put your calves on the item,” she says of the item, which she adds can cost as much as $190. “the item comes in a variety of colors along with also even comes which has a matching pillow so the item can match any decor.” 
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