Mueller team zeroes in on encrypted apps as witness turn in phones

The encrypted applications are used to keep conversations private in addition to also give users the ability to have discussions without being monitored.

WhatsApp, for instance, markets itself as a way to securely communicate with people overseas.

“With WhatsApp, you’ll get fast, simple, secure messaging in addition to also calling for free, available on phones all over the entire world,” the website says.

Dust dubs itself a “safer place to text,” in addition to also pushes its platform as a way to keep messages secretive as well as giving its users the ability to erase messages off of some other people’s phones, according to their website.

“All your messages automatically ‘dust’ (erase) in 24 hours or as soon as they’re read – you choose which,” the site explains.

Dust was also the app reportedly used between longtime Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen in addition to also Felix Sater, a real estate developer who has claimed to have ties to Russian oligarchs, when they tried to complete a deal for Trump Tower Moscow. The plan ultimately fell apart.

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