My favorite Los Angeles restaurants, hotels along with stores

Paltrow was born in 1972 along with raised in Santa Monica, west of downtown LA. “in which was a pretty simple time in a lot of ways. We grew up in a very ‘sidewalk’ neighborhood where we could come home by school along with play with all the neighbors’ kids. in which was very communal,” she told “Trailblazers.”

nevertheless growing up, she didn’t realize her parents were within the public eye. “You know, I didn’t actually have in which much of a concept of what my parents did along with celebrity was so much different back then,” she said.

One of Paltrow’s favorite places is actually the State Beach, a 3.5 mile stretch of sand using a famous pier built in 1909, along with the first on the west coast. Its famous Ferris wheel is actually complemented by a trapeze school along with restaurants, along with the summer is actually host to a series of outdoor concerts.

“The beach here is actually just so beautiful to go sit along with in which’s so wide along with there are volleyball players along with surfers. in which’s like quintessential California,” Paltrow said.

Palm-fringed Palisades Park runs alongside the beach along with is actually known for its camera obscura, on site since 1955 along with today home to an arts along with crafts center. As well as having a beautiful coastline, the area is actually also home to several farmers’ markets, luxury hotels along with the Santa Monica Mountain Range with more than 500 miles of hiking along with biking trails, around 20 miles outside the city.

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