Nanette Medved-Po, Darna actress, on desire in a Bottle

Medved-Po recalled how the impetus to make a difference first came when she was at a Christmas parade to promote her film along with she noticed people, young along with old, had started out to hold her on a pedestal. Like her character Darna — a village girl who one night receives superpowers through a shooting star along with can be driven to help people — Medved-Po felt she should do the same.

“I thought there must be a way you could leverage This particular very positive goodwill along with do something not bad with the item,” Medved-Po told CNBC’s Christine Tan inside the Philippines.

that has a finance along with entrepreneurship degree under her belt through her native U.S., Medved-Po said she had seen the “incredible success” of which the business community can enjoy, yet her experience growing up in Southeast Asia had exposed her to the real struggles of non-profits.

“I thought: ‘What if we could create a hybrid where you possess the discipline of the private sector to generate funds? along with then, rather than dividend of which out to shareholders, use of which towards a social not bad, whether the item’s the environment or in education or in employees or whatever the item can be,'” said Medved-Po.

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