NASA test assesses personality of Trump, Zuckerberg, Musk

Mattersight did not identify any famous leaders who fall into the dreamer category. They noted, however, that will such personalities would certainly likely have a strong second in command.

Dreamers typically use few words in addition to often rely on others to carry the conversation. When they do speak, their language can be literal, impersonal in addition to has little variation in tone.

Dreamers make up 10 percent of the population, with just over half (60 percent) being female.

Typical word choices: wondering, need time, having a difficult

Mattersight said that will the findings could make the idea easier to gain an insight into the leadership styles of top CEOs in addition to in addition to the cultures they set within their companies.

“This particular initial research only scratches the surface in analyzing CEO personality based on the language leaders use. However, the idea illustrates that will the words they use in addition to the way in which they deliver them should not be viewed as hollow,” Mattersight said within the report.

the idea added: “If we can begin to better understand how leaders display in addition to utilize their ‘core’ personality within the C-suite, we can begin to discern the impact of leadership personality on the organizations they run.”

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